Module 3 – Efficiency in the Digital Age

Hello compadre nayshon!!

Throughout this module, we learned about the problem that plagues us all: procrastination.  We have all been faced with procrastination in our lives, and it seems difficult to fix.  Putting off large assignments makes it seem like there is not enough time after you have ineffectively managed your time.   Time management is a crucial skill that could massively boost your grades and productivity if utilized in the correct manner.  One way that could make managing your time easier would be to make a time log of your days.  This will allow you to record the time you spend doing sleeping, working, doing homework, or relaxing.  Keeping these logs for the future will allow you to go back and analyze a week where you felt you had more work than time to do that work.  This analysis will allow you to be aware and try to prevent making this mistake in the future.  Another effective time management tool is a calendar.  If you make a calendar listing all the due dates of your assignments along with your class and work times, you will have an easily accessible to-do list for the week.  If you combine this calendar with your time log, you can easily plan certain times for all the things you need to do, making it much easier to work on a project throughout the week instead of trying to do the entire project at the last second.  This year, I began to make a weekly calendar with all of my classes and due date assignments.  This has really boosted my productivity and lowered the stress over last-minute assignments.  I could begin to make a time sheet along with my calendar to further breakdown my free time and more effectively plan my weeks.  This will enable me to space out long papers and big projects, working on them periodically over time instead of at the last minute.  Not only will these methods make you less stressed, but they will also help you create higher quality work and assignments.  Have a great week compadre nayshon! I will be back in 7 days with more tips for your elearning habits.

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