Module 2 – My First Blog Post for the Compadre Nayshon

What’s up compadre nayshon!

I have decided that over the course of this blog, I will refer to you students as my compadre nayshon. I decided to write this blog because I have been learning a lot of very valuable knowledge in my online learning strategies and skills class that I want to pass on to my nayshon of compadres!

To start things off, this week in my course I learned some very important information about netiquette, also known as your personal etiquette on the web. If you want to be in my nayshon of compadres, you have play in accordance to some simple rules when using the web in order to keep a positive netiquette. The most important rule I learned for keeping a positive netiquette is how to write a positive academic email. This isn’t an informal email to someone in your nayshon of compadres. This is an email for when you are interacting with TAs, professors, or professionals. Three important parts to writing an academic email is to proofread, write in complete sentences, and to add in that you may have already checked your syllabus for this particular question you are seeking an answer for.

One practice I think I already have put into place well is relevant to discussion posts. One of the 6 tips for writing an out of this world, off the charts, compadre nayshon worthy discussion post is to prepare your response in a text editor before you post. I usually put mine in Microsoft Word since I am comfortable with the program. This way you can prevent spelling and grammar mistakes in your discussions online.

Something I want to practice more in the future also is relevant to discussion posts. Another one of the 6 tips was to leave your compadres wanting more. I don’t know if I necessarily do the best job of this, sometimes I get lazy once I have got my main point across and have a lackluster conclusion. In the future I am going to work on really wrapping up my discussion posts in a powerful fashion and leaving my nayshon of compadres on the edge of their seat.

Overall, I think the biggest advice I can give to my compadre nayshon is to PROOF READ YOUR WORK. This is so important to keeping a positive netiquette and a professional image around yourself, yet so many people fail to do so. It doesn’t take as long as you may think and can keep you from looking foolish in an area you could have avoided.

For now compadre nayshon, I will be signing off, but I will be back next week with some more educational nectar for your voluptuous cerebellums.

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