About Me




“A world in which time is absolute is a world of consolation”                              

                    -Alan Lightman 



While life is inherently uncertain, the passage of time is; I plan to make mine count. My name is Mikayla(Kayla) Doerzbacher, a fourth year at Ohio State University.  Originally from Wexford, Pennsylvania I followed in my brother’s footsteps in attending OSU, and in my four older siblings’ footsteps in becoming an engineer. As an Engineer it is my goal to see things in new ways and try to understand them fully. In my time at OSU and in my career after graduation I strive to leave my mark on the world.


Biological Engineering Senior, minor in Biomedical Engineering. Specialization in bio-materials and bio-mechanics. Expected Graduation Spring 2019.


Athletics are a part of who I am. I’ve been competing in athletic events since seventh grade, ranging from running to track to rowing and dance. Rowing has become my passion, I competed on The Ohio State Crew Team as a rower and coxswain, serving as a 2017 Women’s Team captain. In my seventh year of the sport I have found my home and family time and time again on the North Allegheny High School team, Ohio State’s NCAA Women’s Team and OSU Crew. I am currently working through physical therapy following a shoulder surgery to get back in a boat ASAP, running biking and swimming in the meantime.


Free time is not something I believe in, idle hands and such. When I do find myself with downtime I enjoy painting, coloring, listening to music or just hanging with friends. I also work at the campus café to help round out my days. While I try to keep a schedule I also search for new experiences such as thrift shopping, rock climbing and exploring the ever changing city of Columbus.