3 Takeaways Class Summary

I really enjoyed taking the ESLTECH 2011 class because it helped me become a better learner. The tips and strategies I learned in this class helped me to start of my semester off strong and I definitely will continue to use these strategies in medical school next year. Below are my 3 greatest takeaways from this class:

  • Setting GoalsĀ 

Learning how to set specific goals really helped toward my success in my courses and also my MCAT prep. Having an achievable goal every week and going step by step throughout the week to reach this goal lead to better outcomes and helped me to be even more motivated. I learned that

setting a goal too high for myself very early on was very daunting. It made me feel like it is impossible to achieve which lead me to not to do the things I needed to even start moving towards that goal. Instead I set small weekly goals. For example, I have a final goal score that I want to get for my MCAT, but seeing where I am now versus where I have to be to get that final score seemed almost impossible. By setting small weekly goals like “learning metabolic pathways by the end of the week” or “get through 4 CARS passages by Friday” made me feel more accomplished and more motivated to get to that final goal.

  • New Learning TechnologiesĀ 

Trying and discovering new learning technologies helped me become more efficient in my studies for this semester. I found the technologies that worked best for me and used them often throughout my studying. Technologies like Trello helped me become more organized in my studies and helped me to stick to a study schedule as well as finish tasks on time. Forest was my favorite app because it helped me to get rid of distractions like my phone so I can get more out of my study time. I’m not sure I would’ve taken the time to discover all these different technology platforms if it wasn’t for taking this class.

  • Time ManagementĀ 

My last takeaway was learning how to be better at time management. I am a major procrastinator, which has interfered with my efficiency and even my grades in the past. Through this class I really worked to be better at time management, especially at this crucial point in my studies. I took advantage of the learning technologies as well as reading the provided articles. This class really helped me to understand the importance of time management and how it is needed in everyday life. You get a lot more out of your day if you manage it properly.