Clinical Tracking Requirement for Immersion Hours

 (8896, 8897, 8898.01, 8898.02)

The College of Nursing utilizes the Typhon Group’s Nursing School Student Tracking System (NSST) for documentation of DNP student pre-immersion and immersion clinical experiences. The system is an internet-based integrated evaluation tool used to maintain a log of a student’s hours and progress toward meeting the DNP Essentials through pre-immersion and immersion clinical experiences. This valuable tool will be used throughout the DNP program of study.

STUDENTS PLEASE NOTE:  You will receive access to the Typhon system a few weeks prior to 8896 and use the same account for all the DNP Immersion courses.  The password in the email will expire within seven days of receipt, please create an account as soon as possible. If you had a Typhon account in your MS program or for your APRN clinical courses as a BSN-DNP, this will be new separate account for the DNP Immersion hours. You are expected to establish a login to the site.  The site also contains tutorial videos, which are required to view.   You can also access the student tutorial videos by going to www.typhongroup.net/videos and logging in with the password owqs3335. Click on Student Tutorial – Data Entry & Reports to watch the tutorial video. In addition to the Typhon tutorial videos, specific directions for you have been recorded and are linked to our course site.

The expectation is that DNP students will enter TIME LOGS, and not CASE LOGS into the Typhon database to document pre-immersion and immersion hours and experiences, including how these experiences are linked to the DNP Essentials.  The Typhon site is HIPAA-compliant and the data is protected.  Students use Typhon to track TIME LOGS (shift time) and within that tracking can make notes to provide further information about the type of experience completed.  Students are expected to indicate how these hours are linked to the Essentials.  For each TIME LOG (shift time), students are expected to categorize the hours based on the eight DNP Essentials.

Using Typhon, students and faculty can monitor progress toward completion of pre-immersion hours and immersion hours, as well as progress in meeting the competencies of the DNP Essentials. To pass this required component of the immersion courses, students must complete the Typhon database, documenting completion of required hours and categorizing these hours in relationship to the DNP Essentials.

E-portfolios will no longer be an option to track immersion hours for current students and incoming students starting AUT19 will not have the E-portfolio as a requirement in any part of the DNP program.