Repeating the professional doctoral examination

A student who does not successfully pass the Professional Examination through the first attempt will be notified by the exam chairperson by phone or email and the student will be required to meet with their advisor within 2 weeks of notification.  The advisor will schedule the meeting. During the meeting, the advisor assists the student in selecting a timeline for both the written and oral examination date when all committee members are available to meet. The advisor also notifies the Chairperson of the DNP Subcommittee and the Graduate Studies Chairperson of the examination outcome.

A new “Application for Professional Exam” must be submitted through Grad Forms by the student and approved by the chair at least two weeks prior to the new oral examination retake date. The committee and student will meet during the assigned date to conduct the second professional examination. If a second final exam is held, the final oral examination committee must be the same as the original one unless a substitution is approved by the Graduate School. Upon conclusion of the second examination period, the “Report on Professional Exam” form must be electronically approved through Grad Forms by all Professional Examination committee members no later than one week after the second oral examination date.

A student receiving a grade of unsatisfactory may repeat the DNP Professional Examination only once. Two failed attempts of the Professional Examination will result in the student being denied further registration in Nursing. Students can learn more about this requirement by visiting the Graduate School Handbook.

The student has the right to appeal a grade of unsatisfactory after the second unsuccessful examination attempt. There are limited circumstances where a viable grievance can be filed with the Graduate School, such as a procedural error. In this circumstance, the error must be proven. The grievance cannot be based on a disagreement with the evaluation. The grievance processes and procedure to be followed are specified in the Graduate School Handbook in Appendix D: Graduate Student Grievance Review Guidelines.