Professional Examination: Oral Portion

  1. The oral portion is held after completion of the written
  2. The oral portion of the examination is completed no later than one month after the written portion of the examination has been shared with all committee members.
  3. The faculty advisor and student, and all committee members will establish a date, time, and method of delivery (distance or in-person) for the oral component of the examination. The faculty advisor in collaboration with the student will contact Student Affairs to secure a meeting location if needed for in-person.
    • The student and committee members may attend the oral component of the professional examination remotely. For example, the oral component could include use of Zoom, Carmen Connect, or other form of technology that allows the committee members to connect synchronously. If a student needs technology for the oral component of the professional examination, it is their responsibility to ensure the scheduled meeting space meets their needs or they request assistance from the College of Nursing IT committee at
  1. The student will send an email to all committee members confirming the date, time, and location of the oral component of the Professional Examination. Through this message, they will request each committee member to email confirmation of being able to attend the oral component of the professional examination. This email reminder should be resent by the student to all committee members at least two weeks prior to the date of the oral component.
  2. All committee members must be present (in-person or virtually) for the oral component of the Professional Examination. If one member is not able to attend, the date must be rescheduled.
  3. The complete oral examination should last no less than 90 minutes and no longer than two hours and is attended by the student and all committee members. The student is to deliver a PowerPoint oral presentation to the committee describing key components of the Professional Exam. Up to one hour can be used for a presentation by the student and up to one hour can be used for discussion with the Professional Examination Committee.
    • A PowerPoint template can be found here.
  4. At their discretion, members of the committee may ask additional fundamental and developmental questions covering the first one to two-years of DNP coursework (MS-DNP) or the first three years of DNP coursework (BSN-DNP).
  5. The Professional Exam is evaluated on the basis of comprehension of the areas of study, and thoroughness. The decision about the outcome of the Professional Examination is reached in the absence of the student. After discussion, a decision of satisfactory or unsatisfactory is reached by means of a vote.
  6. After completion of the oral portion of the examination, all committee members will log onto Grad Forms to submit their grade of the student’s examination. A unanimous affirmative vote is required to receive a satisfactory and successfully pass the professional examination. If the vote is unsatisfactory, the committee members must decide when the student will be permitted to take a second professional examination and must record that decision on the Report on Examination form.