Professional Examination Committee

DNP Professional Examination Committee

The Professional Examination Committee is composed of three members including the faculty advisor. Prior to beginning the Graduate School paperwork through Grad Forms, the faculty advisor and the student will identify two additional committee members. It is the student and faculty advisor’s responsibility to make sure that all members have agreed to, and are aware of, the commitment and procedures involved. With the approval of the advisor, an external member may be appointed as one of the three committee members. Please see the “External Committee member” section below for more details.

The composition of the Professional Examination Committee complies with the rules set forth by the Graduate School Handbook policy indicating a minimum of three members are required including:

  • The student’s faculty advisor. The advisor must have Category P or M Graduate Faculty status.
  • An additional faculty member with Category P or M Graduate Faculty status in the College of Nursing
  • The third committee member can be one of the following:
    • An OSU faculty member with Category P or M Graduate Faculty status; or,
    • An external member
  • Information regarding DNP faculty areas of interest can be found on the StudentWeb

The student’s faculty advisor serves as the chairperson for the Professional Examination. The advisor and student should collaborate in identifying two additional DNP Professional Examination members with relevant expertise at least three months prior to the DNP Professional Examination. Potential and/or actual conflicts of interest (COI) must be managed; e.g., students must not have committee members in any capacity who are the student’s direct report supervisor, or who may have dual roles as College of Nursing faculty and as DNP students in the College of Nursing. Following approval of the advisor for the additional proposed committee members, the student is responsible for obtaining the agreement of the members to participate on his or her committee. More information regarding the Professional Examination, procedures, and eligibility may be found in the  Graduate School Handbook.