Specialty Clinical Locations and Travel for (BSN to DNP students)

In most of the specialties, students will be placed in a clinical setting outside of the greater Columbus area during one or more semesters or sessions of the precepted clinical experiences.  These clinical sites will be assigned by the course head and specialty track director (SPD) in consultation with the Clinical Placement Office. It is essential that the student have a reliable means of transportation to all clinical sites, as there is likely limited public transportation.

Students are expected to attend the clinical placement as assigned, and during the hours that the preceptor is available for precepting.  The clinical experience is an essential part of national certification requirements and should be prioritized as such when balancing out other responsibilities in the life of the student.  Students who choose not to attend an assigned clinical site will not be provided with a different clinical placement option by the Clinical Placement Office. If a student does not meet the clinical requirement of the course, it will result in a failing grade.

A local placement is a clinical site within 90 minutes of central Columbus.  However, all students are expected to be able to travel beyond this 90-minute radius anywhere within the state of Ohio. While faculty attempt to limit travel where possible, and ideally only have a student travel one term, this may not always be possible. The educational needs of a clinical placement will be weighed over the distance of travel to a clinical site. Students with documented disabilities or extenuating circumstances should communicate this directly with their advisor and specialty track director as soon as possible.  The Clinical Placement Office, course heads and SPD’s work to establish clinical placements that are appropriate for learning, and that meet the requirements of the credentialing bodies.  Each student’s learning needs are considered, in addition to the location.

In-state students will be asked to identify locations throughout Ohio where family or friends may be able to help them with housing.  Students residing outside of the state of Ohio are responsible for identifying potential clinical sites and then discuss and seek approval from their course head and/or SPD.  If approved, the Clinical Placement Office will work to secure necessary clinical contracts for these sites.  Please note; it may take 4-6 weeks (sometimes longer) to secure a clinical contract.  If an Ohio based student is requesting a placement outside of Ohio, an Out-of-State Clinical Placement petition to the Graduate Studies Committee will be required.  The petition is available online via the StudentWeb.