Selection of Preceptor/Mentor

Students should meet with their faculty advisor and identify one or more immersion preceptors to guide their immersion experiences in the NP8898 courses. Appropriate preceptors are mentors for the DNP immersion experiences and should be an expert within their organization, their population, the EBP/QI process, or the project topic.  These include, but are not limited to: nurse executives, senior clinicians, skilled informaticists, leaders in health policy development, and leaders from other disciplines with expertise relevant to the DNP student’s area of specialization and immersion objectives. The preferred criterion for selection is that the preceptor/mentor holds a senior leadership role in the immersion environment. Ideally, preceptors/mentors will hold a doctorate; however, exceptions may be made on a case by case basis. . The preceptor/mentor MUST not be a direct report for the student. The student is responsible for providing the preceptors’ contact information on the DNP Immersion Form. Any questions about preceptors/mentors can be referred to the clinical placement office at