Options for a final project

In collaboration with one’s faculty advisor, the student selects the final project topic. Following is a listing of activities that can typically be expected as final project topics:


  • Implement and/or evaluate a program of care
  • Implement and/or evaluate a new practice model
  • Implement and/or evaluate a quality improvement project
  • Collaborate with researchers to answer clinical questions, assuming a substantive role in a larger project
  • Implement and evaluate an evidence based practice guideline
  • Provide evidenced based leadership to an inter-professional or intra- professional collaborative team to evaluate models of care, care during transitions among health care professionals, quality improvement initiatives, etc.

Health Policy

  • Provide leadership in analyzing, developing, revising, implement, or evaluating, a policy based on best evidence
  • Collaborate on legislative change project using evidence

Health Systems

  • Provide evidence-based leadership of an inter-professional or intra- professional collaborative projects team to implement systems’ level projects or policy
  • Provide leadership in designing and use of databases to retrieve information for decision-making, planning, evaluation
  • Implement and evaluate innovative uses of technology to enhance/evaluate care
  • Lead financial analyses to compare care models and potential cost savings
  • Implement, or evaluate health programs tailored to underserved communities or address disparities in care, g. health promotion and disease prevention programs for vulnerable patients, groups, or communities in collaboration with lay and/or professional coalitions.