EBP/QI Project Outline Overview

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Section 1: Problem Identification & Recommended Best Evidence-Based Practice

  • Statement of the problem/issue
    • Baseline data
  • Organizational assessment/readiness for change related to the problem/issue
  • Background and significance of the problem/issue
  • PICO(t) and search strategy
  • Review of the literature
  • Critical appraisal and synthesize of Literature Review (Tables)
  • Recommendations

Section 2: Project Planning

  • Project purpose statement
  • Project objectives
  • Framework/Models to drive process (EBP, quality improvement, change theory/model)
  • Population/Setting/Participants
  • Key stakeholders
  • Patient preferences & values (if applicable)
  • Clinician/clinical expertise
  • Outcome measures and data analysis plan
  • Potential financial implications
  • Timeline
  • Resources needed
  • Approvals needed (including OSU CON Human Subject Research Determination)

Section 3: Implementation

  • Implement Framework/Model
  • Implementation strategies (Methods)
    • Education/Training
    • Communication
    • Leadership engagement and champions
    • Information systems implications (if applicable)
    • Standardization of organizational policies/procedures/protocols (SOPs-should be in Appendix)
  • Possible anticipated barriers
  • Barriers management plan

Section 4: Results or Findings* (Advisor and student decide on term) & Discussion

  • Project implementation description
  • Results/Findings
  • Interpretation/Discussion/Implications
  • Sustainability plan
  • Actual financial implications (ROI)

Section 5: Dissemination

  • Internal
  • External
  • Other scholarship opportunities—websites, social media, blogs
  • Reflection on AACN DNP Essentials that applied to the project

* See detailed DNP EBP Project Outline about manuscript option.

AUGUST 2021 (Revised from May 2020)

Adapted from Milner, K., Zonsius, M., Zellefrow, C., Alexander, C., and Randall, H., (2020). DNP project advisement:  A roadmap for faculty and student success. Journal of Nursing Education. (publication pending: JNE 2019-364R2).