Exit Requirement Process

The semester before the student expects to graduate, the candidate should submit an “Application to Graduate” through Grad Forms. This application must be submitted by the second week of the semester in which the student plans to graduate.  The Records Manager provides candidates with graduation materials and deadlines through email. Information can also be found on the StudentWeb, under DNP Documents and Resources.

  • The Exit Requirement is a two-step process: a 30-minute public presentation and question period followed by a 1.5-hour defense in closed session with the committee members.
  • In collaboration with the committee chair, the students schedules the presentation and defense allowing for a two-hour period of time and at least two weeks’ notice before the event.
  • The student schedules the room for the Exit Requirement by completing the DNP Defense Scheduling Survey .
  • The Graduate Academic Program Coordinator will include the Data Manager on the Outlook invitation. Upon receiving the Outlook invitation, the Data Manager will announce the Defense information to all-college.
  • After the completion of the 30-minute public presentation, the audience leaves the room and committee and student remain for a closed defense At the end of the question period, the student will be asked to step out of the room and wait nearby why the committee members agree upon the evaluation of the defense and any changes to the final project report. The student will be invited to return to the room to hear the evaluation and additional requests from the committee prior to submission of the final project report.
  • All committee members must electronically approve the “Report on Final Examination” form to indicate that the students has successfully defended.
  • The student is responsible for making any last amendments to the final project write up, obtaining the chair’s approval.
  • All committee members must electronically approved the “Report on Final Document” form to indicate that the Final Project is complete and acceptable.
  • Once the final document is approved by the committee, the student submits the final document in WORD format to the Knowledge Bank Faculty Liaison. The Knowledge Bank liaison will review the document and convert it to a PDF. The document will then be returned to the student, the Chair and Brian Stamper of the Knowledge Bank as the approved document. Please see the Final Document Submission to the Knowledge Bank policy for detailed instructions.
  • Once the approved PDF document is received, the student will upload the document to the Knowledge Bank.
  • A student who does not meet published graduation deadlines but who does complete all degree requirements by the last business day prior to the first day of classes for the following semester or summer session may graduate the following semester or summer session without registering or paying fees. This is referred to as the “end of semester” option. If you are considering this option, please reach out to your advisor as soon as possible.

The deadline for submission of the Final Approval Professional Doctorate form is established by the Graduate School. This information is available on the Graduate School website.