Final project evaluation


Performance on the final project by the committee will be evaluated as either satisfactory or unsatisfactory.

  • Satisfactory implies that the doctoral candidate has met or exceeded requirements for the final project scholarly document and its presentation.
  • Unsatisfactory implies that the doctoral candidate has not met requirements for the final project scholarly document and its presentation

Criteria for satisfactory completion of final scholarly project

  • The student’s ability to adequately explain and interpret what he or she did for the final document project
  • To present a satisfactory rationale for the choices that he or she made (e.g., regarding selection of particular theoretical frameworks or methodologies or statistics
  • To demonstrate familiarity with the relevant literature
  • To discuss the implications of the final document project results for enhancing patient outcomes
  • To articulate next steps in the student’s program of scholarship


The College of Nursing recognizes the student’s right to appeal a decision of unsatisfactory performance on the Final Project Document and supports the student’s use of the appeal processes laid out by the university. More information on the process is available through this section of the Graduate School handbook.

Submission of the DNP project report

After the student has successfully defended the Final Project Document Report, any final refinements suggested by the Committee are the responsibility of the student. An abstract must be prepared as well. The student submits final revisions to the Committee Chair and/or Committee members as directed. When the abstract and report are reviewed and approved, the Committee Chair converts them into PDF documents and returns them to the student. The Committee Chair notifies the Student Data Manager, the Graduate Program Manager, and the Knowledge Bank Faculty Liaison that the documents have been approved. The Graduate Program Manager notifies the Knowledge Bank of the impending submission.

The student uploads the abstract and Final Document report on the Knowledge Bank website and provides electronic files to the Student Data Manager. This must be completed by the Graduate School’s published deadline for graduation requirement completion.