The Graduate Studies Committee


Each academic unit which offers a graduate degree has a Graduate Studies Committee to oversee and administer the graduate programs offered by that academic unit and to serve as a liaison between the Graduate School and the graduate faculty. The Nursing Graduate Studies Committee is one of the standing committees of The Ohio State University College of Nursing.


  • Chair: Chair of the Nursing Graduate Studies Committee elected by the voting members of the faculty for a term of three years. A member can serve no more than two consecutive terms as chair. The Chair is in addition to the elected members.
  • Elected Members: (5) – Five regular faculty, at least one of whom is tenured and one of whom is certified as an advanced practice nurse.
  • Students: (4)- One graduate entry, one traditional MS, one PhD student, and one DNP student
  • Ex-officio: (8) – Associate dean for academic affairs, assistant deans, PhD director, DNP director, director of MS in Nursing program, and the nursing graduate program managers.


  1. Carries out specific functions required by the Graduate School and the dean of the College of Nursing.
  2. Reviews faculty for Graduate School appointment.
  3. Reviews and recommends to the faculty for approval or modification the aims, objectives, philosophy, conceptual framework, and offerings of the graduate programs.
  4. Reviews and approves revisions in existing courses, changes in course content, and changes in course titles or credits, and forwards to the faculty for approval.
  5. Initiates and/or reviews proposals for new courses and/or any reorganization of the curriculum, and makes recommendations to the faculty for approval.
  6. Evaluates outcomes of the graduate program.
  7. Recommends to the faculty criteria consistent with the Graduate School for admissions, progression, and graduation.
  8. Reviews and selects candidates for admission to the graduate program.
  9. Monitors progression of students in the graduate program.
  10. Acts upon student petitions for exceptions to or modifications of policies or procedures for progress in (including reinstatements) and graduation for the graduate programs.
  11. Selects candidates for fellowships, grants, and honors.
  12. Communicates with graduate student recruiters regarding design, implementation, and outcomes of graduate student recruitment strategies.
  13. Appoints one member and one alternate to serve on the Professional Misconduct Committee.

Frequency of Meetings

The Nursing Graduate Studies Committee meets every other week during the academic year, with specific meeting dates arranged around the academic calendar.

Student Input

The Nursing Graduate Studies Committee is the formal channel whereby students can be involved in the policy- and decision-making of the nursing graduate program. Students are, therefore, encouraged to familiarize themselves with the responsibilities of the Nursing Graduate Studies Committee and to provide input to this committee for its tasks. When students would like the committee to discuss policy, they may request through their representative that an item be placed on the committee’s agenda for discussion. Student representatives are elected by their peers.  Students nominated to act as the representative for each cohort must agree to the nomination prior to the start of voting.