Clinical Dress Code

It is expected that all students will arrive at their clinical site appropriately dressed and groomed in professional attire.  If you are working with a preceptor, ask about the expected dress code for the clinical site and adhere to that policy if it is more conservative.


Professional Attire Consists of:


  • Jewelry should be conservative. Small earrings are permissible but no more than two pair; no other visible piercings or tongue jewelry. A wedding ring or a conservative ring is permitted. Bracelets are prohibited unless they are medical alert bracelet.


  • Nails should be well trimmed and not extend beyond ¼ inch from the end of the finger. No artificial nails allowed. Nail polish should be neutral if worn. Nail polish should be consistent with the institutional policy. Extreme hair colors are not permitted.  Tattoos should not be visible and covered always while in clinical.


  • Shoes should be appropriate for a day’s standing. No high heels, open toes or heels allowed. Sandals, flip flops, and sneakers are never to be worn even if other providers wear them.


  • It is expected students dress in business casual consisting of: dress slacks, shirts with collars, dresses or skirts no shorter than 2 inches above the knee, and no cleavage showing. Clothing should be clean, wrinkle free and fit appropriately.  Scrubs should only be worn if directed to do so by your preceptor/site.
  • Jeans, sweats, and yoga pants are not appropriate even if your preceptor or other members of the staff wear them.

 Lab Coats:

  • A wrinkle free and clean lab coat is expected unless you are directed not to wear one by your preceptor.  The lab coat must have the college patch neatly affixed to the coat usually on the left side of the upper front of the coat.  Your Ohio State student badge must be worn at all times and your name and picture should be visible to the patient and staff at all times.


Radiation Badge:

Students who have clinical experience on units where patients are being treated with radiation therapy may obtain a radiation badge. The radiation badge requisition form should be obtained from the nurse manager on the assigned unit. Students should return the completed form to the nurse manager who will forward it to the Radiation Safety Department. It takes approximately one week to receive the badge from the Department of Radiology.