BSN to DNP Requirements


Master of Science in Nursing Program Information

Students enrolled in the BSN to DNP option will earn a master’s degree through successful completion of their specialty coursework. Please use the links below to learn more about the Master of Science in Nursing program at Ohio State:

Advance Practice Specialty Information

Students in the BSN to DNP option will complete educational and clinical preparation in one of the college’s available advance practice specialties. Please use the following links to review specialty specific information:

Enrollment in Specialty Courses

While coursework specific to the DNP portion of the student’s plan of study is completed in a distance learning format, specialty coursework is completed in either an in person or distance learning format, based on the student’s enrollment. Students enrolled in an on campus specialty option within the BSN to DNP program are required to enroll in on campus sections their specialty coursework, including advanced health assessment, advanced pathophysiology, and advanced pharmacology. Students who are incorrectly enrolled in their specialty courses will have their enrollments updated and will be notified of this change by the program manager.

Specialty Clinical Experiences

Those enrolled in the BSN to DNP program will also complete a set of didactic and clinical courses specific to that role and population for which they are seeking specialty APRN certification. A minimum of 500 clinical hours will be completed at the master’s level in the BSN to DNP program for APRN certification.  All BSN to DNP students must complete a minimum of 1,000 clinical hours of post-BSN clinical/practicum experience. Please click here to review information and expectations for specialty clinical opportunities and travel requirements.

Thesis/Non-Thesis Option

In order to successfully complete the master’s degree portion of the BSN to DNP program option, students must successfully pass a master’s examination. This examination generally takes place at the end of the student’s third year of study. Please review the MS in Nursing handbook to learn more about these degree completion requirements. This examination is separate from the DNP Professional Examination and Final Project requirements.


There are several petitions that are specific to BSN to DNP students. Please use the links below to access the petitions: