Transfer Credit

The College of Nursing follows the Transfer of Credit policies of the Graduate School. This process requires approval by the student’s DNP faculty advisor, a formal petition to the College of Nursing Graduate Studies Committee, and a Request for Transfer of Graduate Credit form required by the Graduate School.

  • For coursework already completed at another university, the student must complete the petition process no later than the second semester of enrollment.
  • For proposed elective coursework to be taken outside of The Ohio State University the student must first secure advisor approval. A petition must then be made to and approved by the Graduate Studies Committee prior to taking new coursework towards the doctorate. An official transcript confirming the grade must be submitted to the university for processing.
  • Students must complete 24 credits at Ohio State in order to graduate with a doctoral degree. If a student completes their MS and transfers in that credit, 24 of the remaining 37 credit hours for the post-master’s DNP must be taken at Ohio State over the period of two More information can be found in the Graduate School Handbook.
  • For BSN to DNP students who will also be earning a master’s degree in the program, 24 of the 30 credits needed to earn a the master’s degree must be completed at Ohio State. More information can be found in the Graduate School Handbook.

Transfer of master’s degree credits

Post-master’s DNP students who completed their master’s degree at an institution other than Ohio State must complete a request to transfer a block of 30 credit hours into Ohio State during their first semester of enrollment. This transfer is required in order to meet the Graduate’s School’s minimum credit hour requirements in order to be eligible for the DNP Professional Examination.

Students will initiate this transfer through Grad Forms. Specific instructions can be found online and an email will be sent by the Graduate Program Manager at the start of the students’ first semester in the program outlining the process and deadline for completion.