A student that has taken a Leave of Absence from the College may petition to reactivate a program of study. This petition will be routed to the Specialty Director for the student’s current specialty, if applicable, as well as the student’s advisor and the College of Nursing Graduate Studies Committee Chairperson. The petition is submitted through Beacon.

There are two separate petitions for requesting reactivation:

  • Request for Reactivation- Clinical Programs
    • This form is to be used by students in the following programs:
      • Traditional Master’s
      • Graduate Entry
      • BSN to DNP and BSN to PhD students still completing the master’s portion of their program.
      • Post-Master’s option
  • Request for Reactivation- Non-Clinical Programs
    • This form is to be used by students in the following programs:
      • BSN to DNP and BSN to PhD students that have completed the master’s portion of their program
      • MCR
      • MHI
      • Certificate programs
      • Post-Master’s DNP
      • Post-Master’s PhD

The request for reactivation will require you to upload a copy of your advising report. This can be found in your Buckeyelink Student Center under the “Academics” section.  A copy of your curriculum plan is also required, and may be downloaded from Beacon or requested from the Graduate Program Manager.

Please note, students petitioning for reactivation in the M.S. in Nursing or DNP program following a leave of absence (LOA) of greater than 1 year or three consecutive terms (including summer) in duration are required to repeat the clinical compliance Background Check process prior to enrolling in courses. Students must be compliant for the new background check before they can begin clinical experiences.

 Individuals who have been on leave for less than 12 months must disclose any criminal convictions to the Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Educational Innovation Dr. Cindy Anderson ( that occurred during the leave of absence (LOA) prior to enrolling in courses.  

Students may also be required to complete a skills check or additional coursework based on the Specialty Director assessment.