Other Grievances

Other student grievances should be discussed with the student’s instructor, faculty advisor, the graduate student representative to the Graduate Studies Committee, or the Graduate Studies Committee Chair. The student’s concern may be forwarded to the Graduate Studies Committee. If the problem remains unresolved, the student may discuss the problem with the Assistant Dean for Baccalaureate Programs or the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs. In instances when local processes do not lead to the resolution of a grievance, the Graduate School is available to offer advice, and in certain situations, to provide a formal hearing and adjudication. The Graduate School is specifically authorized by the rules of the Graduate Faculty to review grievances related to graduate examinations and Graduate Associate appointments. Graduate Student Grievance Review Guidelines are provided in Appendix D in the University’s Graduate School handbook. In accordance with University policy, complaints of harassment and allegations of scholarly misconduct are directed to the appropriate offices authorized to address them.