Section Four: Findings

1. Results/Outcomes

Should be organized and linked to the problem statement, purpose project objectives, and evaluation plan.  Include specific details as to how your project was evaluated:

  • What was the evidence-based measures that were applied to the evaluation plan?
  • What evidence-based measures/instruments were used for each objective or proposed outcome?
  • What method of analysis was used for each objective and/or outcome?

2. Discussion/Conclusions

Describe the extent to which the objectives and/or project outcomes were achieved.

3. Limitations

Include recommendations related to identified facilitators/barriers and unintended consequences.

Describe one or two methods of dissemination of the results of your project including:

  1. A statement on why these venues were selected and are the best/most impactful.
  2. A description of who you would want to reach as your audience and why.