Section Five: Recommendations and implications for practice

1. Project Summary

2. Implications for practice

  1. Discuss the recommendations and implications in relation to practice and project site
    1. Discuss implications in relationship to DNP Essentials and practice.
    2. Discuss the relationship for the site at which the project was conducted may include: Should the project be continued, reduced, phased out, or expanded? Place your recommendation within the framework of the organization’s strategic plan and be sure to recommend who needs to be involved in or responsible for future phases.  Next, write recommendations regarding the possible application of this project in other settings.

3. Identify methods for dissemination

  1. Describe one or two methods of dissemination of the results of our project including:
    1. A statement on why these venues were selected and are the best/most impactful.
    2. A description of who you would want to reach as your audience and why.