Professional Examination: Written Portion

  1. The written portion of the exam can be started at any time during the student’s academic progress and prior to application for Professional Exam.
  2. The written portion of the examination consists of sections one, two, three, and five of a student’s DNP final project document, which will include:
    • Section 1: Nature of the problem
    • Section 2: Review of the literature
    • Section 3: Methods
    • Section 5: Recommendations
      • 3.0 (only) Identify Methods for Dissemination
        • Describe one or two methods of dissemination of the results of your project .
      • The last section is a brief description of the written dissemination options:
        • Choice of Final DNP Project Document or Journal Article:
          • If journal article selected, provide rationale for preferred journal
  1. Tables, figures, and appendices should be included as needed to support successful completion of the written portion of the examination. All examination components including references, must be consistent with the current edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA).
  2. The student will submit an electronic copy of the document to the other two committee members once the written portion of the examination has been finalized and approved by the advisor. This must occur at least two weeks prior to the scheduled oral portion of the examination.
  3. If the written component for the Professional Examination is not received by the committee members at least two weeks prior to the scheduled oral defense date, the defense can be rescheduled to allow the committee members adequate time to review the written document.