EBP/QI Project Outline Overview

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Section 1a – 1d:  Inquiry, PICTO(T), Search & Critically Appraise the Literature (EBP Steps 0-3)

  • Statement of the problem/issue
  • Organizational assessment around the problem/issue
  • Background and significance of the problem/issue
  • PICOT and search strategy
  • Critically appraise and synthesize
  • Recommendations

Section 2:  Project Planning (EBP Step 4)

  • Project purpose statement
  • Project objectives
  • Framework to drive process (EBP, quality improvement framework/model, implementation model/strategies, and/or change theory/model)
  • Context
  • Key stakeholders
  • Integration of patient preferences & values (if applicable)
  • Clinical expertise
  • Practice change process
  • Evaluation plan
  • Financial Implications
  • Possible barriers to implementation
  • Standardization of organizational policies/procedures/protocols impacted or needed
  • Sustainability plan
  • Timeline
  • Resources needed
  • Review of approvals needed

Section 3:  Implementation (EBP Step 4 continued)

  • Implement Project

Section 4:  Evaluation (EBP Step 5)

  • Results/Interpretation
  • Measures taken to support sustainability

Section 5:  Dissemination (EBP Step 6)

  • Traditional
  • Non traditional

Adapted from Milner, K., Zonsius, M., Zellefrow, C., Alexander, C., and Randall, H., (2020). DNP project advisement:  A roadmap for faculty and student success. Journal of Nursing Education. (publication pending: JNE 2019-364R2).

May 2020