“Clients have a support system and someone who can try to teach them things they most likely have never had a chance to learn.”-BCCS caseworker

“I like how my case was not generalized but instead looked at me specifically & what I needed to work on.”  -DLS Client

“Butler County Children Services utilizes the assistance of Developmental Living Skills (DLS) to help the families we serve with home economics and parenting education. Through this service we are able to reunify families and maintain children safely in their home.”    -Jennifer Wlodarczyk, LCDCIII, Utilization Manager

“DLS assisted the client with communicating with adults to effectively manage her health, resources and age appropriate expectations for the girls.” -Butler County Children Services Caseworker

“I have complete confidence in the DLS Instructor to objectively assess the family and help the family learn appropriate parenting skills, budgeting skills, and housekeeping skills.”         -Tracy Washington, Attorney/Guardian ad Litem