For Partners

  1. Butler County Children Services or the Juvenile or Common Pleas Court refer the family.
  2. DLS staff assess the family’s needs.
  3. A DLS Instructor and Children Services caseworker visit the family.
  4. The instructor and caseworker discuss goals with the family and clarify needs.
  5. The DLS Instructor meets at least once a week in the family’s home to deliver a 1-hour educational lesson.
  6. The goal is for the family to complete the program in approximately 5-7 months with evidence of progress.



Find our DLS Brochure here.




What DLS Can Do: 

  • Listen to our clients
  • Teach parenting and adult life skills
  • Provide research-based information
  • Follow the family’s values
  • Guide the family toward their goals
  • Observe parent-child interactions
  • Observe practices in adult life skills
  • Refer to resources
  • Share our observations and teaching topics through monthly report and lesson observation forms
  • Call or email BCCS with concerns

What DLS Can’t Do: 

  • Make parents change
  • Provide tangible resources
  • Judge a parent’s ability to parent
  • Make recommendations
  • Supervise visits
  • Access reports of criminal behavior or domestic violence
  • Operate outside of The Ohio State University policy
  • Travel outside of Butler County