Keeping Your Child Safe During Trick or Treat

Trick or treat times for Halloween 2022 suggests the following safety tips for Costumes:

  • Plan costumes that are bright and reflective. Consider adding reflective tape or striping to costumes and trick-or-treat bags for greater visibility.
  • Make sure that shoes fit well, and that costumes are short enough to prevent tripping, entanglement, or contact with flame.
  • Look for “flame resistant” on the costume labels. Wigs and accessories should also clearly indicate this.
  • Consider non-toxic makeup and decorative hats as safer alternatives to masks. Makeup should be tested ahead of time on a small patch of your child’s skin to ensure there are no unpleasant surprises or allergic reactions on the big day. Toxic ingredients have been found in cosmetics marketed to teens and tweens.
  • Hats should fit properly to prevent them from sliding over eyes and blocking vision.
  • Avoid any sharp or long swords, canes, or sticks as a costume accessory. Your child can easily be hurt by these accessories if he or she stumbles or trips.
  • Do not use decorative contact lenses without an eye examination and a prescription from an eye care professional. While the packaging on decorative lenses will often make claims such as “one size fits all,” or “no need to see an eye specialist,” getting decorative contact lenses without a prescription is both dangerous and illegal. This can cause pain, inflammation, and serious eye disorders and infections, which may lead to permanent vision loss.

collage of three photos showing a young child smiling with an orange pumpkin painted on her face, candy corn, and a woman being properly examined and fitted for colored contact lenses

The National Safety Council  states “Children are more than twice as likely to be hit by a car and killed on Halloween than on any other day of the year”. They also give the following tips to keep kids safe while trick or treating:

  • A responsible adult should accompany young children on the neighborhood rounds
  • If your older children are going alone, plan and review a route acceptable to you
  • Agree on a specific time children should return home
  • Teach your children never to enter a stranger’s home or car
  • Instruct children to travel only in familiar, well-lit areas and stick with their friends
  • Tell your children not to eat any treats until they return home, and take care to avoid any food allergies
  • Children and adults are reminded to put electronic devices down, keep heads up and walk, don’t run, across the street
The USFDA suggests the following safety tips for Treats:

Eating sweet treats is also a big part of Halloween fun. If you’re concerned about food safety, there are some things you should know.

Before you or your children go trick-or-treating, remember these tips:

  • Don’t eat candy until it has been inspected at home.
  • Eat a snack before heading out to avoid the temptation of nibbling on a treat before it has been inspected.
  • In case of a food allergy, check the label to ensure the allergen isn’t present. Tell children not to accept—or eat—anything that isn’t commercially wrapped.
  • Parents of very young children should remove any choking hazards such as gum, peanuts, hard candies, or small toys from the Halloween bags.
  • Inspect commercially wrapped treats for signs of tampering, such as an unusual appearance or discoloration, tiny pinholes, or tears in wrappers. Throw away anything that looks suspicious.

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According to Travel Butler County, Ohio, the 2022 Trick-or-Treat Schedule is as follows:

Fairfield – 10/31, 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Hamilton – 10/31, 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Liberty Township – 10/31, 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Madison Township – 10/31, 5:30pm – 8:00pm

Middletown – 10/31, 6:00PM – 8:00PM

Monroe – 10/31, 6:00PM – 8:00PM

Oxford – 10/31, 5:00PM – 7:00PM

Trenton – 10/31, 5:30PM-7:00PM

West Chester – 10/31, 6:00PM – 8:00PM

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