DLS Helps to DIY

Parents, January is National Get Organized Month.  I know many of you groan when you read this because it is just one more thing to do.  But what if you found a way to motivate your children to throw something away?  One simple idea is to purge old toys, clothes or items after the holidays in order to reduce clutter.

Here are a few tips:

Step 1: Turn on some lively music that will get the children’s attention.  Dance, act silly and have fun!

Step 2: Grab a large garbage bag or several small ones for each person.

Step 3: Tell the children you are going on a scavenger hunt to find lost, broken, or old toys so their new toys can have room to play!

Step 4: Walk to every room in the house and each person puts at least 1 item in the bag.

Step 5: Recycle, donate, or throw the bag(s) away.

This can be an activity that you can repeat as often as you choose.  For example, it can be helpful monthly or before or after every birthday.  If your children enjoyed it, you can play scavenger hunt just for fun!

For more ideas on chores for kids visit https://www.rasmussen.edu/degrees/education/blog/chores-for-kids/

Nina Solomon

Development of Living Skills Instructor

Ohio State University, Extension, Butler County