For our second meeting with our new HES peer leader group, we traveled to the short north to visit Brassica. We enjoyed Mediterranean food, specifically delicious (but messy) sandwiches in the Italian Village. Knowing that the foods came from local growers and they used antibiotic-free meats made the combination of chicken, hummus, pickled cabbage, eggplant, and signature sauce all wrapped up in a little ring inside pita bread even better. Although small, Brassica had a delightful atmosphere perfect for a small group of friends or even date night. I learned that I have much left to explore in Columbus, and I look forward to exploring the short north and downtown more this semester. I have already recommended this restaurant to my friends and I will happily go back.

Life is Like a Trumpet

In attempting to describe the significance that playing the trumpet has had on my life so far, I found it only fitting to include an abridged and updated of my college application essay. Playing the trumpet was not only a hobby but a key piece of my identity and an instrument (pun intended) used to become the person I am today. This edition is found below.

The lights glared down at me, blinding my vision to the boisterous throng of observers. My heart boomed with the taunting drums behind me. My breath, enervated from trepidation, abated, while my body quivered. It was coming up. I took four steps forward, absorbing the energy of the stadium, and took a deep breath. I released my tension as the rest of the marching band ceased playing, beginning my first trumpet solo in a full stadium. Everything else became a blur. From the first note to the last, it was just me, playing my heart out on a Friday night. After that halftime performance ended, I was immediately bombarded by my jubilant friends congratulating me on my success. This was my sophomore year. It was one of my most memorable moments of high school. However, it came with and was followed by an abundance of hard work, dedication, and commitment that lead to the discovery of myself, my voice, and the woman I aspire to be.

My metamorphosis began in the fifth grade when I made the tenacious decision to play the trumpet rather than following in my family’s footsteps by playing the flute or clarinet. Nevertheless, band was still not something I considered significant until I noticed another trumpet player taking lessons. The raw competitiveness instilled through my many years of athletics engulfed me. I practiced until I caught my director’s attention. These lessons continued through several years and two teachers, with my devotion earning myself first chair by our first placement test, the skills to later become a trumpet tutor, and the foundation to my following success.

My high school career started smoothly. With a talented role model as my section leader and band president, I advanced my musicianship and earned a seemingly impossible third chair. By sophomore year, I was sitting two chairs higher and leading my section. Despite the tribulations of my inexperience, a large, young section, and a constant challenger to my leadership and character, I discovered my confidence and voice. 

The following year expanded my growth as a musician, leader, and individual before I decided to run for band president, where I ran fundraisers, organized events, and created a mentoring program for younger band students with high school students all while balancing academics, sports, and other extracurriculars. Conducting the Alma Mater at the conclusion of my graduation ceremony will forever be a moment I will cherish.

Joining the OSU Athletic Band has been interesting experience. Starting over academically in college was something that I was prepared for. Starting over in band was something I was not. However, this has been an exciting fresh start, and when all else fails, I know that life is like trumpet: I have to put something into it to get something beautiful out. I can not wait to see where band will take me here.

Exploring Columbus #2

For my second experience, I strayed from my original list to travel to the Nationwide Arena to attend my first hockey game. On September 26th, I watched the Blue Jackets beat the St. Louis Blues 5-2. My favorite part of this experience was the pure excitement in the arena after every goal. I was surprised to hear the cannon fire after the first goal and learned that the cannon relates to the team’s name, paying homage to the Civil War, as the union army consisted of more Ohioans than those of any other state and the blue uniforms worn by the soldiers were manufactured in Columbus. I had a lot of fun at the game and would highly recommend it to any other future hockey fans.

For my final experience, I traveled Clintonville with my roommate and fellow HES member, Eilidh, over Fall Break. We went to Whit’s Frozen Custard, each trying their pumpkin custard before ordering a Whitser. I think this was my favorite experience, because I was able to explore north of High Street for the first time. We also made a stop at a local thrift store where we tried on silly outfits and enjoyed one of our days off of classes together. I can also say that after this trip, I can confidently use the COTA buses without swiping my BuckID the  wrong way. We are already planning a trip to visit Clintonville again (hopefully before the little boutiques close this time).

Branching outside of campus was a new and exciting experience and has only led to the discovery of more places to explore. I am looking forward to travelling to the different neighborhoods and have yet to travel downtown. I am also planning on visiting several coffee shops with friends who have already made the journey and loved their experiences. I have learned that Columbus is filled with opportunities both on and off campus. Coming from a small town, there were limited places to visit and explore. At OSU, both campus and the surrounding city are my playground.

Exploring Columbus List #1

Whit’s Custard, Johnson’s Real Ice Cream, Greater’s Ice Cream, Pistacia Vera, Rocket Fizz Soda Pop and Candy Shop, Patty Cake Bakery, Kittie’s Cakes, and Jeni’s Ice Cream are all on the list I’ve chosen for this semester. My sweet tooth has led me to the pursuit of exploring of various ice cream shops around Columbus. Not only will I embark on a delicious journey, but I hope to use this experience to go to places around the city that I would not normally venture.

For my first experience on the Ice Cream and Desserts Theme List, I ventured to Jeni’s Short North location with my roommates and fellow HES members to celebrate one of their birthdays. I enjoyed the Churro and Pumpkin Spice flavors, both flavors I would highly recommend. The workers were very friendly and the atmosphere was fun and inviting. I was surprised by their unlimited sample policy. Sadly, I learned that they do not take BuckID, but the ice cream is worth the cost. Coming from someone with three years of experience at an ice cream parlor, I have and will highly recommend Jeni’s to everyone looking for a delicious treat.

About Me

From an area dubbed “Cedar Point, Ohio,” I am now a first-year undergraduate student in the College of Engineering. Pursuing a degree in Biomedical Engineering, I am a member of the Humanitarian Engineering Scholars program. After graduation, I hope to be able to use the knowledge and skills I acquire at Ohio State to help others by designing prosthetics. Though involved in numerous activities in high school, including several sports, clubs, volunteer programs, and National Honor Society, my main focus centered on the band program. As the elected Band President, I combined my love for music and service by organizing band community events, creating a mentoring program between the high school and grade school bands, and playing the trumpet. Coinciding with my involved nature, I look forward to being a part of the OSU Athletic Band and other meaningful organizations this fall, including the Society of Women Engineers. Most importantly, as a former employee of the oldest dairy in Ohio and a self-defined ice cream enthusiast, I am always available for an ice cream run.

Top 5 Strengths:

  1. Achiever: As an achiever, I am driven to be successful and am constantly eager to not only learn more, but apply my knowledge. I am known for working diligently late into the night in order to complete an assignment that I become so consumed by, I forget about the rest of the world around me.
  2. Learner: Beginning at the time I was able to form complete sentences in order to ask questions, I have always been inquisitive and had a desire to learn about what is happening around me and why. A frequent acquirer of useless information, I set clear daily, weekly, and monthly objectives in order to retain the most important information.
  3. Input: With a love of meeting new, insightful people that I can connect with, experience as a tutor with a passion for teaching and analyzing complicated concepts, and a feeling of content using formal, intellectual language in various modes of communication (including text), input describes my need to know more. A thesaurus is my favorite tool, but the small distinctions in definitions are intentional in the words I choose.
  4. Individualization: Nearly to a flaw, I have an adept ability to see the strengths and potential of those around me and analyze their abilities in order to form successful teams. In previous leadership positions, such as Band President, National Honor Society Secretary, and Varsity Basketball Captain, I used this strength to build relationships and maximize the capabilities of large and small groups.
  5. Relator: This strength describes the evolution all of my past and present partnerships and friendships. I enjoy spending the additional time to learn about others’ goals and wishes to build initial connections and later become their confidant and adviser in personal, academic, and professional matters.

Year in Review

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I Scream You Scream

Ice cream has been a huge part of my life both before and in college. Before college, I worked at an ice cream parlor. Now that I’m in college, my love of ice cream has become something that I have bonded with many people over. Since I was an OWL, I was able to move in before two of my roommates. However, I soon learned that the first roommate that I met, Eilidh, loves ice cream just as much as I do. Since then, we have made many trips to various ice cream locations. I have had many similar bonding experiences involving ice cream since I arrived at OSU, and I am very thankful to have this connection.