What is Digital Flagship? (webinar recording)

Last week we were excited to host Cory Tressler from ODEE for a webinar discussion about Digital Flagship.  He explained what it is and how it will impact the university and paused for Q/A throughout.  If you were unable to attend the webinar live, below is a link to the webinar recording.  (Please pardon the abrupt start of the recording as the preliminary introductions were inadvertently cut off.)

If you have any questions about Digital Flagship, please email digitalflagship@osu.edu.

Webinar recording: http://carmenconnect.osu.edu/p85i2euixuw/

AccessEDU Episode 2 – Matias Grioni

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Episode 2 – Matias Grioni

In the second episode of AccessEDU, your host interviews OSU student Matias Grioni about a project he created at the annual Hackathon. Find out how the creation could impact those with hearing differences.

Referenced in this episode:

Matias on stage with Cartune demo

Matias and team, on-stage at the 2016 Hackathon, explaining their demo of Cartune.

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The College of Education and Human Ecology Ed Tech Talk: Catherine P. Montalto and Quality Matters

On August 12th, 2015, The Quality Matters (QM) Program, a nationally recognized, faculty-centered, peer-review process that certifies the quality of online courses, has recognized The Ohio State University’s, Catherine Montalto’s CON SCI 3940 The Multicultural Consumer: Methods of Data Analysis commitment to quality assurance by designing courses that meet Quality Matters standards.

Join us as Dr. Montalto talks about her experience with Quality Matters and going through the Quality Matters Review process. What are the positives of the experience? Which areas were not so positive? What were some of the lessons learned?

Along with Dr. Montalto guest speakers will include: Sarah Bear, EHE Interim Director of Educational Technology; Kelvin Trefz, EHE Educational Technologist; and Timothy Lombardo, ODEE Instructional Designer and University Quality Matters Coordinator.

Date: October 14, 2015
Time: 11:30am – 12:30pm
Location: Campbell Hall 252
Registration: No Registration Required

Contact The Ohio State University Quality Matter Coordinator, Tim Lombardo at lombardo.89@osu.edu to learn more about Quality Matters and learn more how OSU faculty and staff can be compensated for the cost of training through the ODEE Quality Matters Grants.

All Quality Matters related ODEE Distance Education blog posts can be found at the Quality Matters category of the ODEE Distance Education Blog