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Accessibility Practice


Anyone who is involved in creating online curriculum can be a powerful force in driving forward accessibility initiatives.

In order to be effective in pushing forward, the individual should:

  1. Build his or her own knowledge and skills
  2. Educate and inspire others

The presentation below was delivered as a professional development opportunity to instructional designers and staff in ODEE and across OSU Campus. To request a workshop email


  1. Identify ways to improve accessibility.
  2. Make recommendations for accessibility improvements.
  3. Empower and educate others on accessibility.


Accessibility Integration

ODEE Accessibility Components

Universal Design and Accessibility Training

Activity 1: Identify ways to improve accessibility.

Identify the accessibility issues in each artifact and make recommendations for how to improve them.

Artifact 1: Inaccessible Word Document

Artifact 2: Inaccessible Assignment

Artifact 3: Inaccessible Lecture Content

Artifact 4: Inaccessible Calendar of Events

Artifact 5: Inaccessible PowerPoint

Activity 2: Empower and educate others on accessibility.

Based on your recommendations from Activity 1, decide how you will share your recommendations and explain the need for the changes.