ODEE DELTA Webinar: Creating and Using Media in Your Online Course (3/1/2017)

Daunted by the prospect of making videos for your course?  Not sure where to begin to record, edit, or even share videos?  Not 100% clear on how your students might benefit?  Worried that your work will never live up to Kubrik or Spielberg?  ODEE’s DELTA recently hosted a webinar that can answer these questions and more (and why it doesn’t matter whether your students start calling you “Professor Auteur”). Watch and listen as Scott Nelson, ODEE’s Instructional Design Video Coordinator, provide a clear and concise overview of what you need to know about “Creating and Using Media in Your Online Course”

screen clipping from the webinar described in this post, showing the display of the webinar recording, including a shot of scott nelson demonstrating how to build a video in iMovie

A special highlight is Scott’s live-action demo of how easy it can be to assemble a video in iMovie and similar tools, starting about 46:00 in.