2016 #NDLW Blog Discussion

computer-generated icons of a computer screen, a light bulb, and a check markGreetings and welcome to ODEE DELTA’s blog discussion in honor of National Distance Learning Week! To round out our events for the week, we are hosting a blog-based discussion about what makes distance learning effective (when it is), what online instructors need, and what we ought to expect from the future.

To engage in one (and hopefully all three) of these conversations, please post your thoughts on one or other of these topics and reply to what others have to say:


  • Topic #1: What aspect of distance learning do you think works best?  What would you say to peers to recruit them to try teaching (or learning) online?
  • Topic #2: What kinds of guidance and support have you found most useful for teaching online?  What kinds of guidance and support do you think new online instructors most need?
  • Topic #3: What does the future hold for distance learning?
    • Tools?
    • Pedagogical models?
    • Economic arrangements?
    • Institutional pressures?
    • Student demand?

Thank you for all you do, and we look forward to continuing the adventure with you all.


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Marcia Ham

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Henry Griffy

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Skylar Fought

One thought on “2016 #NDLW Blog Discussion

  1. Topic 1: use technology available to better manage your time as a instructor. Also, distance education is already happening, so it is the chance to upgrade your teaching skills. It’s challenging, but rewarding.

    Topic 2: New online instructors need support learning the LMS features available and how to use it. The workshops, for instance, are very helpful.

    Topic 3: Distance education has changing the way students learn or are able to plan their career. It’s dynamic, it’s faster. So, the pedagogical models should be reviewed to adapt the teaching and learning to this trend. I’m a fan of distance education.

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