Wednesday Kickstart Week

Today we are talking about learning activities in online courses: the stuff students do that will enable them to demonstrate learning on the assessments, such as reading, watching videos, discussions, and other interactions with each other. We specifically talked about ways that traditional in-person activities compare to online activities. Some activities translate more or less directly, while others require re-thinking and new design. And, as Allen November reminds, elearning tools provide opportunities for students to do things that we did not even know were possible.

For today’s reflection, please write about how you anticipate your traditional teaching transforming in the online classroom:

  • What is an activity that you have found successful and plan to continue more or less unchanged?
  • What is an activity that you anticipate needing to revise substantially? What kinds of changes will need to be made?
  • Is there an activity that you don’t think can be done online or that you are anxious about pulling off successfully?
  • Bonus points: What is something you might try for the first time online? (Maybe something you’ve always wished you could ask your students to do but which was not feasible in an in-person situation?

As always, please feel free to include any additional questions or thoughts.