Tuesday Kickstart Week

Reflect upon what you learned today regarding assessments, rubrics, and academic integrity online that will help you with the development of your course.  What thoughts came to mind during our discussions?  What did you find most helpful today and what questions do you still have?

8 thoughts on “Tuesday Kickstart Week

  1. I thought it was very helpful to brainstorm on course objectives. I also liked thinking about how to mitigate cheating by designing your course differently. I will have that conversation with instructors going forward.

    • Great points, Jennifer! As it pertains to academic integrity, these are those very teachable moments where having an informed and observant community is vital. Sharing the information with your colleagues is a great idea!

  2. I think working through our outcomes helped me find the appropriate vocabulary for what I want my students to achieve in the course…I like the word ‘synthesize.’

    • Synthesize is indeed a great word, Kevin! If you use our Bloom’s sheet, or “Google” Bloom’s action words, you will be filled with wonderful ideas and vocabulary that will hopefully trigger action and understanding from your students.

  3. I’m a little behind…leaving an hour early, arriving 1/2 late…my own schedule conflicts. However, this hands on experience is one of the best experiences i have had on learning to use technology. I liked the overviews and examples from Monday’s session, and really like thinking through the LCOs today. Now to master what I’ve learned

    • Dorothy, I’m so glad you are finding this experience helpful! I enjoyed seeing your CLOs come together nicely.

  4. I learned about Course Learning Outcomes and how difficult it can be to write good ones! I liked this activity with a team as I learned much from each person’s perspective.

    • Yes, writing CLOs can be a “messy” process if it’s being done right. Working through them with colleagues can definitely be beneficial in helping see options and different perspectives.

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