Online Tools and Accessibility: Not All That Glitters is Gold

Gold glitter

Not all that glitters is gold…

At the UDL/Accessibility Think Tank on March 16 we will be discussing what to do if you find a third-party tech tool that you want to use in your class. Often companies do not take steps to make their products accessible unless someone pushes them to do so. We’ll explore some questions and beginner level evaluations you can conduct to find if the tool you want to use is likely to cause accessibility issues. In some cases, vendors are open to working with experts to improve their accessibility, which is an ideal situation because everyone can benefit!

Join the conversation around a thought process and testing to determine a tool’s accessibility and ensure that you both know how to talk about accessibility with those who might wish to use these tools and/or use these tools in your own course.

A collaborative approach

If you haven’t attended a UDL/Accessibility Think Tank, they are an informal discussion amongst multiple groups across OSU campus and multiple institutions outside of OSU. We are all facing the same questions and uncertainty around accessibility and talking together has proven to help shed light. At these sessions you’ll hear from experts as well as those in the trenches of creating accessible student experiences.

The details…

Register for the Think Tank and join the conversation! This session will be Wednesday, March 16 from 2:30-3:30 PM. You can join in person in Denney Hall 0063 or virtually via CarmenConnect (register for virtual link info). If you have questions email