2016 UDL/Accessibility Think Tanks Kick-Off With New Ideas and Cross-Institutional Collaboration

3-D circle with diverse faces.2016 UDL/Think Tanks off to a powerful start!

The first UDL/Accessibility Think Tank of 2016 was a great success! We had a great group of both virtual and in-person participants from a wide range of roles. In fact, we even had several other institutions join us to take part in these important conversations. Several representatives from University of Illinois-Springfield, University of Tennessee-Knoxville, and University of Phoenix attended from afar and were an invaluable addition to the group.

The group threw out their thoughts on a series of questions related to challenges they face with accessibility, questions they get from those they work with, their biggest areas of concern or confusion, etc. Upon gathering their responses and doing some analysis for patterns and themes, the following topics have been selected.

2016 UDL/Accessibility Think Tanks

  • Online Tools and Accessibility: Not All That Glitters is Gold (March)
    • There’s a new tool that would be great to use in a course, what do I need to think about?
  • Online Tools and Accessibility: Insights from the professional world Registration Open

    • What can the professional world teach us about accessible tools in our classes?
  • Accessibility and UDL: The Art of Building Buy-In
    • How do I gain buy-in around accessibility from my colleagues and leadership?
  • Accessibility and the LMS
    • What sort of accessibility considerations must be made when building in the LMS?
  • UDL/Accessibility Done Right
    • What does it look and sound like when UDL/accessibility is done right?
  • Accessibility: Working Smarter Not Harder
    • How can we make accessibility implementation easier?
  • Forming a Strategic Approach to Captioning
    • What’s an effective way to approach a plan for captioning?
  • Getting Started with Accessibility Evaluation
    • What are the best methods/tools for faculty and staff to evaluate accessibility?
  • Working the UDL Magic
    • How do I apply or coach people to apply UDL effectively?
  • Clarifying Accessibility of Complex Images
    • How do I need to approach accessibility of complex graphs, charts, or images?

Looking forward to the insightful dialogue and shared strategies to emerge from these conversations!

Email Jessica Phillips (phillips.1507@osu.edu) with any questions.