UDL picking up steam across OSU campus, reaches students


Over the past year, Universal Design for Learning (UDL) has been picking up steam and a growing community across OSU campus. Most recently, it’s even reached our students and the considerations they must make in their future careers.

UDL in a nutshell

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a framework that supports proactively designing learning experiences in order to achieve the highest level of functionality and positive user experience for the widest audience possible. In order for UDL to be effective, it requires purposeful consideration and strategy in all areas of course planning and design. The end result will be online learning that allows students to access, interact, and learn in a variety of ways, addressing the learning styles and learning needs of a wide variety of students.

UDL across OSU

In the past year, ODEE has been recognized by other institutions as a leader in UDL in Higher Education. I have myself presented at several conferences on the topic and worked one-on-one with institutions across the country.

Now as 2016 rolls forward, UDL is building steam across the OSU campus. At the January DELTA Kick-Start week, I presented on some strategies for implementing UDL in course design to approximately 15-20 faculty from across campus. This fall, I was invited to one of the regional OSU campuses to talk with their Agriculture faculty and staff about UDL. Additional training, workshops, and Think Tanks are in the works as a community for UDL grows.

Most exciting…UDL reaches students

Perhaps most exciting is that the concept of the UDL framework is now reaching students. In Autumn 2015 I presented a lecture on UDL to Dr. Kui Xie’s class of future instructional designers and educational technologists. In late January, UDL will be presented to future teachers in Dr. Joni Acuff’s Art Education course. The hope is that these students will move forward into their future careers with the UDL framework in mind, thereby creating stronger, more engaging, and more effective learning experiences for students of any age.

How you can get involved

If you’d like to join a community of UDL thinkers across campus please visit the u.osu.edu/universaldesign blog site and watch for UDL-focused ODEE events.

If you would like to request a consultation, workshop, or lecture presentation on how UDL can be implemented in your area or with your students, email Phillips.1507@osu.edu.