Experience the ODEE/OCIO accessibility roadshow!

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Accessibility is an important part of all of our jobs. We need our applications, processes and communications to be accessible, whether they are intended for internal or external audiences. If we work together, we can create an equivalent experience at Ohio State for all students, faculty and staff.

To show us how we can commit to accessible practices, Accessibility Analyst Pete Bossley and Instructional Designer Jessica Phillips are hitting the road to share why accessibility is important at Ohio State and to teach us how to add accessibility practices into our work routines. They will be coming to a location near you during the month of September to present important information on accessibility as it relates to our work in the OCIO and in ODEE, including:

  • legal implications and definitions
  • suggestions for integrating principles of accessibility into current procedures
  • demonstrations of accessible versus inaccessible content and systems
  • critical questions for considering the user (student, staff, faculty) experience

These sessions will be tailored to more effectively meet the needs of individual groups with a variety of roles within our organizations. Each session will also feature a video featuring ODEE/OCIO CIO Mike Hofherr and others from the Ohio State community speaking to the importance of accessibility.

Attendees will leave these sessions with an increased awareness of accessibility, their role in supporting accessibility and pathways for additional help and information.

Register and join us!

Faculty and staff are encouraged to join the event nearest them. Seating is limited and in high demand so be sure to register for one of the following as soon as possible:

Enarson: September 17 from 10-11 AM

ADC: September 22 from 10-11 AM

Thompson Library: September 24th from 10-11 AM

TNC: October 8 from 10-11 AM

Please contact Pete Bossley(.5) or Jessica Phillips(.1) with any questions about these sessions.