Standards for Design: Part 36 – Obtaining Technical Support

Welcome to the thirty-sixth blog post in a forty-four week series walking through and explaining the Quality Matters standards.

This is the first standard in the seventh general standard of the Fifth Edition, 2014, Quality MattersTM Higher Education Rubric focusing on Learner Support.  This post starts our discussion about where learners can get support for their online or hybrid course.

Standard: 7.1 The course instructions articulate or link to a clear description of the technical support offered and how to obtain it.

This standard is fairly straightforward.  The idea is to give the learners an easy path where they can get technical support.  Students may be inclined to contact you as the instructor for problems they are having in the course; however these questions may sometimes require more technical expertise than you can provide.

This is why it is important to include a space in the “Start Here” section of your course with how you would like students to handle tech support issues, as well where and how they can get assistance.  It is also important to include where they can submit a help desk ticket online, the help desk phone number and an email for technical support.  This gives students multiple avenues to get support as quick as possible.

Remember, it is also important to list the tech support locations for all software and websites that you are using, especially if you do use tools outside of the supported toolkit!

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