Standards for Design: Part 35 – Privacy Policies Provided

Welcome to the thirty-fifth blog post in a forty-four week series walking through and explaining the Quality Matters standards.

This is the fifth and final standard in the sixth general standard of the Fifth Edition, 2014, Quality MattersTM Higher Education Rubric focusing on Course Technology.  This post finishes our discussion about technology used in the online or hybrid course and how they relate to the idea of Alignment to the Learning Objectives.

Standard: 6.5 Links are provided to privacy policies for all external tools required in the course.

Over the past few standards we have emphasized the use of the supported ODEE Toolkit. The ODEE Toolkit is important is because it contains tools that are supported by the department, as well as being reviewed by the OSU legal department to clear privacy uses.

The most important thing to remember about this standard is if you are going to have assignments using tools that require students to create an account of their own, you should always link to the privacy policy. This ensures students know what they are signing up for.  Even if the website does not require a user accounts to be created, it is still vital to link to their privacy policy for the same reason.

An institutional note for OSU on this standard: students should not have to sign up for third party sites for an assignment.  It can be optional, but never mandatory.

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