OSU Face-to-Face APPQMR as part of 2015 Kickstart Week

The Office of Distance Education and eLearning is hosting an Online Course Development Kickstart Week this January 5-9, 2015.  The goal of the Kickstart Week is for participants to get a jumpstart on developing their online course starting with measurable learning outcomes, assessments aligned to those outcomes, and weekly activities that engage students with the content in innovative ways.  Participants will leave having been oriented to the Digital Unions and the services offered.  They will have experienced developing for online engagement, web accessibility, and with an understanding of how copyright and intellectual property impacts what and how content is used online.

The Kickstart Week will be held in the Stillman Digital Union, and contain the following components:

  • Quality Matters: Applying the QM Rubric Workshop – One full day of Applying the QM Rubric workshop free of charge for those who are interested.
  • Course Development Workshop – Morning sessions T-F applying backward design methods working on course learning outcomes, assessments and activities in collaboration with instructional designers.  Hands-on experiential time with different technologies to engage learners.  Experts in copyright, web accessibility, and various technologies to speak with participants.
  • Online Creation Studio – Optional half-day afternoon “makerspace” sessions in the DU to create multi-media materials for their online courses with assistance from instructional designers.
  • Kickstart Week Blog – Used to share information out to participants before the sessions and for participants to share their ideas, questions and creations with each other.  Blog space continues the community after the Kickstart Week concludes.

Some of the top benefits of attending the Kickstart Week are:

  • Hands-on experience creating materials for online course using latest technologies.
  • Meet fellow online faculty and share ideas for creating engagement in online courses.
  • Experts share web accessibility and copyright information and resources.
  • Collaborate with instructional designers to create a solid plan for the course structure, content, and engaging media to create based on pedagogy and best practices.
  • Free Applying the QM Rubric Workshop!

Please share this opportunity with the faculty in your college.  Space is limited so we encourage those who are  interested to register soon by clicking the link http://osuir.co1.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_8wsL2YVFOmqC5PD.  For more information please visit our blog site at https://u.osu.edu/distanceeducation/

The Applying the QM Rubric (APPQMR) Workshop is open to all OSU Faculty and Staff.  Please visit the APPQMR Registration website if you are interested in attending only that session.

Contact The Ohio State University Quality Matter Coordinator, Tim Lombardo at lombardo.89@osu.edu to learn more about Quality Matters and learn more how OSU faculty and staff can be compensated for the cost of training through the ODEE Quality Matters Grants.

All Quality Matters related ODEE Distance Education blog posts can be found at the Quality Matters category of the ODEE Distance Education Blog


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