The Quality Matters Fifth Edition, 2014 Rubric is now available

On August 1, 2014 Quality Matters released their Fifth Edition for the Quality Matters Rubric.

In conjunction with this new rubric, Quality Matters has created a training called The Rubric Update.  The Rubric Update is designed to inform and prepare current Peer Reviewers who are familiar with the 2011-13 Edition of the QM Rubric for the changes to the 5th Edition, 2014 Rubric. All subscribers who use the QM Rubric are encouraged to complete the training course.

As a reminder, all QM Peer and Master Reviewers must successfully complete the online, self-paced Rubric Update by November 30, 2014 to maintain their Peer and Master Reviewer eligibility.

Contact The Ohio State University Quality Matter Coordinator, Tim Lombardo at to learn more about Quality Matters and learn more how OSU faculty and staff can be compensated for the cost of training through the ODEE Quality Matters Grants.

The ODEE Quality Matters blog can be found at the ODEE Quality Matters Blog