The image linked and or shown above comes from Thompson library at the Ohio state University. It is a picture from the grand reading room, which just so happens to be my favorite room on all of campus. It is something that is important to me for many reasons. First off is because of its beauty. To me it seems to be a very classic looking room with all of the wood work, and ornate artwork that is done in the molds on the walls and ceiling. It screams sophistication and age which are to great things I link with Ohio State. The university is amazing and has over time become one of the best , in my opinion, in the world and this room specifically is just one way that the university shows this historic character off. The second reason I like it is because to me it represents a tremendous opportunity to learn. Not only is it surrounded with books but with people and these are people that are trying to achieve academically and make a difference in the world. So I see this as a hub for those of us in the beginning of our academic journeys, as a spot where can get out feet underneath of us and take flight with all of the possibilities that this University has to offer. It has always been a go to spot for me whenever I need to hit the books or when I just want to sit back and marvel at the the fact that I get the chance to go to college and continue to learn. So overall it just encompasses the beauty and marvelousness of such a great place to learn, live, and thrive.