Introspective leadership developement

When coming into the Dunn Sports and Wellness program I expected and received a strong community of like minded people. However, what I didn’t see coming were the leadership opportunities and the personal development that would change who I am becoming today. In my first semester at Ohio State we went through a leadership development course where for the first time I was challenged to look at myself introspectively. I was told to asses my strengths and weaknesses which up to that point in time I didn’t even know about myself. It was something that helped teach me who I was and where I needed to improve. After the assessment it was brought to light that while I was very much so a person centered around logic and meticulous thinking that I lacked more developed abilities in building relationships and fostering growth in those around me. This really allowed me to see who I was then and set in motion a process to become who I want to be. Seeing this made me want to work on these areas so I began to take steps to do so. I decided to become a mentor in my scholars program and even joined student organizations where I ran for office which is something that would have normally been outside my comfort zone. This also allowed my leadership qualities to flourish as I began to develop better relationships with those around me. Without having the opportunities that this program has offered me I wouldn’t be becoming the leader I someday want to be whether its among my peers or in the workplace.

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