Year in Review

One of the most memorable moments from the beginning of school was definitely taking my first round of college level midterms. I had taken college courses all throughout high school but being offered through my school itself they still to me always ended up seeming to just be another high school class. It wasn’t until September of this past fall semester that I realized it was now a whole new ball game. They were so much more difficult as the questions were really in depth and were trying to push at whether or not you actually knew the information, not just how well you could memorize a piece of paper like in High School. It honestly shook me as during this time I received my first C ever on a test. It made me reevaluate how I was learning and forced to me to change my habits. It first started by having to actually sit down and read the textbook. After these exams I realized that for me to learn the information I had to read every page and take notes on them as well. On top of that I had to view every power point and that was for just classes that didn’t have any applied math. For those, such as chemistry, it took effort beyond reading as I had to additionally do practice problems to learn how questions were going to be asked. It was one of the hardest things I have have had to do but it taught me the value of hard work and that the long nights and hours studying pay off on the grade card and eventually will pay off as I look to shape my future.

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