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My name is Miguel Disbennett and I am from a small rural farming town that is located approximately 30 minutes east of Columbus. Growing up in a small rural area a strong sense of community became very important to me from a young age. Being able to communicate, problem solve, and work alongside the others became parts of my personality. These traits were instilled in me and have become core values to who I have shaped into today. While in college I hope that I am able to reach a true sense of independence and be able to leave knowing I can make it on my own. I also hope to achieve substantial growth through learning in the classroom, doing research, and being involved all around the university. I am in college to pursue a higher education in the field of study that interests me so that I can use it to not only help myself but to help others. I hope to have the opportunity to be engulfed in knowledge on these topics and to take away information that will stick with me for all of my life. While in high school I developed a love for music as I was a part of band and choir. I participated throughout my freshman year but it ended up being something that I put aside to be able to focus more on my academics. Aside from music I became interested in science. This all started my sophomore year when taking Anatomy and Physiology. It had been something I thought would be a cool subject that then turned into a passion after getting to dive into the course and really see what it was all about. This is what shaped me to originally pursue a Bachelors degree in exercise science with a minor in human nutrition. However, throughout this year past year I learned that my real passion was Biology and that is why I have switched to majoring in Microbiology. I hope this education helps to grow my passion for science and that it really lets me dig into all of the amazing opportunities that Ohio State offers to really make a difference in the community and someday in the world. Aside from academics I also hope to contribute to the OSU community by getting involved in student organizations and volunteering my time to help others on campus but also to help those in need of assistance in the community and around the world.

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