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James WuellnerOct 18, 2017
ENGR 1188 Autumn 2017 Group B
Bevis Devise Inc. - The Future of AEV Technology
Keoni SannyOct 18, 2017
Georgia Cinkay
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Georgia CinkayOct 18, 2017
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Brenden AlkireOct 18, 2017
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Organic Photovoltaic Cells
Team 4
Yi WeiOct 18, 2017
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Trevor DewOct 18, 2017
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Kaitlin KaiserOct 18, 2017
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Jindpreet KandolaOct 18, 2017
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Hannah BlumenfeldOct 18, 2017
Aashka Parikh
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Aashka ParikhOct 18, 2017
Crohn's Disease
A Case Study for Pathophysiology
Sarah HeintzmanOct 18, 2017
tamayo.19's Blog
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Olga TamayoOct 18, 2017
Alexa Breitenstine
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Alexa BreitenstineOct 18, 2017
Parkinson's Disease Case Study
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Annabelle CookOct 18, 2017
Claire Hinterschied
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Claire HinterschiedOct 18, 2017
Christopher Dick
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Christopher DickOct 18, 2017
Undergraduate Research
A 2017 STEP Experience
Chelsea BlackOct 18, 2017
Columbus: A Brave Exploration or Disaster for Natives?
Isabella ParletteOct 18, 2017
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Andrew ChoiOct 17, 2017
Brooke Butler
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Brooke ButlerOct 17, 2017
Sydney Sweet
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Sydney SweetOct 17, 2017
Kristina Dutart
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Kristina DutartOct 17, 2017
Vegetable Disease Facts
Providing tools for managing and diagnosing vegetable diseases
Ashlina ChinOct 17, 2017
Gabrielle Roszman
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Gabrielle RoszmanOct 17, 2017
Nikhita Nakka
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Nikhita NakkaOct 17, 2017
Benjamin Buehrer
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Benjamin BuehrerOct 17, 2017
Allison Tharp
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Allison TharpOct 17, 2017
3D Modeling
Art and Technology
Kenneth RinaldoOct 17, 2017
Sabrina Crane
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Sabrina CraneOct 17, 2017
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Hailey KaufmanOct 17, 2017
Allison Swanka
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Allison SwankaOct 17, 2017
Abriana Kroboth
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Abriana KrobothOct 17, 2017
Pinning Block
Daily life at an insect collection
Luciana MusettiOct 17, 2017
Madison Gardner
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Madison GardnerOct 17, 2017
Conference on Commitment
Jennifer HillOct 17, 2017
Sunny Patel
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Sunny PatelOct 17, 2017
Christopher Columbus Annotated Bibliography
Our group's take on the man known as the discoverer of the 'New World.'
Shi WangOct 17, 2017
Mohamed Soumakieh
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Mohamed SoumakiehOct 17, 2017
Stephanie Liu, Ph.D.
Hospitality Management
Qing LiuOct 17, 2017
Allison Esker
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Allison EskerOct 17, 2017
MATH 2162.02: Accelerated Calculus II for Honors Engineers
Yanli WangOct 17, 2017
OSU Sheep Team
Supporting Ohio sheep producers by providing educational information, sheep research conducted at Ohio State, resources, and contact information for leaders in Ohio's sheep industry.
Braden CampbellOct 17, 2017
Muskingum Extension Ag Dispatch
Muskingum County Extension Agriculture and Natural Resources
Clifton MartinOct 17, 2017
OSU Extension in the City
Co-Discovery for Collective Impact
Julie FoxOct 17, 2017
Office of Distance Education & eLearning
Providing students, on and off campus, with an enriched experience for a lifetime of learning.
Jacob BaneOct 17, 2017
Joseph K. Goodman
Researcher. Consumer. Human.
Joseph GoodmanOct 17, 2017
Connor Gregory
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Connor GregoryOct 17, 2017
Rohan Mital
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Rohan MitalOct 17, 2017
Latinx Resources at Ohio State
we're here for you
Yolanda ZepedaOct 17, 2017
Society for Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science
Oct 17, 2017
Briar Golladay
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Briar GolladayOct 17, 2017
Quantum Information Seminar Series
Come learn about this up and coming research area
Daniel GauthierOct 17, 2017
Ohio State's Professional Website Platform
Oct 17, 2017
Andrew Stocker
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Andrew StockerOct 17, 2017
Danny Chae
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Donghyun ChaeOct 17, 2017
Ryan Schnautz
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Ryan SchnautzOct 17, 2017
Environmental Humanities at Ohio State University
Thomas DavisOct 17, 2017
Web Resources
ASC Communication Services
Christopher WallaceOct 17, 2017
Organizational Leadership in the NonProfit Arts
BAAM Course Site, Fall 2017
Dana KletchkaOct 17, 2017
Extension Leadership Network
Timothy McDermottOct 17, 2017
The Global Mobility Project
Humanities & Arts Discovery Theme Pilot Project
Yana HashamovaOct 17, 2017
ACEL Centennial
Cultivating Futures for 100 Years
Mary-Theresa KivelOct 17, 2017
OSU Extension Ag & Natural Resources
Information for Team Members
Julie MooseOct 17, 2017
Toy Adaptation Program
Engineering. Education. Community.
Emily CurtissOct 17, 2017
Bringing Korea into the Classroom
Resources for Educators
Janet StuckyOct 17, 2017
OSU Spotlight
Student Life's Extraordinary Buckeyes
Carol HarperOct 17, 2017
Program in the Philosophy and History of Education
Department of Educational Studies
Bruce ArnoldOct 17, 2017
Just another site
Amy BurnsOct 17, 2017
Bruce Makoto Arnold's OSU Page
Which, is really just a re-direct to my professional-personal homepage
Bruce ArnoldOct 17, 2017
Self, Stereotypes, and Social Norms Lab
Steven J. Spencer, Ph.D.
John BallingerOct 17, 2017
Second Language Research Forum 2017
"Growing Connections in Second Language Research"
Kathrin FrenzelOct 17, 2017
Acanthamoeba and free-living amoebae
The molecular analysis and understanding of Acanthamoeba and related forms
Paul FuerstOct 17, 2017
Ryan's Portfolio
Just another site
Ryan WieheOct 17, 2017
Madison's Blog
Just another site
Madison MorganOct 17, 2017
MCLC Resource Center
Modern Chinese Literature and Culture
Kirk DentonOct 17, 2017
Itzhak (Zahi) Ben-David
Neil Klatskin Chair in Finance & Real Estate <br /> Academic Director of the OSU Center for Real Estate
Itzhak Ben-DavidOct 17, 2017