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Ha Khanh Nguyen
Statistics Graduate Student
Ha Khanh NguyenFeb 17, 2019
The Psychology of Extraordinary Beliefs
Ordinary students exploring extraordinary beliefs
Patricia Van ZandtFeb 17, 2019
Wearable and Implantable Technologies (WIT)
Kiourti Research Group, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Asimina KiourtiFeb 17, 2019
Automation Explorations
Scripting, Security, and Random musings
Wesley StahlerFeb 17, 2019
Rachel Brunot
Honors e-Portfolio
Rachel BrunotFeb 16, 2019
SDP AU18 - Group A1
FEH 1281 - Cassidy Bollman & Sam Yoder
Samuel YoderFeb 16, 2019
ChuWen Sun
Chuwen Sun's e-portfolio page
Chuwen SunFeb 16, 2019
Becca Nachbin
My ACES e-Portfolio
Rebecca NachbinFeb 16, 2019
Tango OSU
The Argentine Tango Club at The Ohio State University
Rowan McLachlanFeb 16, 2019
my portfolio
Just another site
Yu HeFeb 16, 2019
The Impact of Communication on the Aviation Industry
Just another site
Shannon MorrisonFeb 16, 2019
Igor Altfeder
Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
Igor AltfederFeb 16, 2019
Scientific Roots - 2019
Study Abroad
John CoganFeb 16, 2019
Courtney McClellan
Just another site
Courtney McClellanFeb 16, 2019
The Quechua Learning Community
The Center for Latin American Studies
Megan HastingFeb 16, 2019
Stream & River Ecology Lab
School of Environment and Natural Resources
Martha ZapataFeb 16, 2019
Sreevaishnavi Dasaka
Sreevaishnavi DasakaFeb 16, 2019
Program for the Study of Realist Foreign Policy
Mershon Center for International Security Studies
Erik WisniewskiFeb 16, 2019
University Staff Advisory Committee
Advocating on behalf of staff since 1986
Megan HastingFeb 16, 2019
The Sullivan Lab
Studying Viruses in Nature to Engineer Solutions
Benjamin BolducFeb 16, 2019
Laboratory for Greek Dialectology
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Brian JosephFeb 16, 2019
Prof. Furrukh Khan - Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Furrukh KhanFeb 16, 2019
Baker International Group
ENGR 1182 SP 2019
Celine DagherFeb 16, 2019
Ata Esfahani
Ata Ghasemi EsfahaniFeb 16, 2019
MCLC Resource Center
Modern Chinese Literature and Culture
Kirk DentonFeb 16, 2019
Koffolt Properties
Solving Problems One Step at a Time
Jackson ClarkFeb 16, 2019
2019 Competency Symposium
May 20 - May 21
Bruce HoutzFeb 16, 2019
Stephanie Liu, Ph.D.
Hospitality Management
Qing LiuFeb 16, 2019
Shamsul Arafin
Assistant Professor, ECE Department
Shamsul ArafinFeb 16, 2019
Resources for OSU Literacy Collaborative
Jonathan BaileyFeb 16, 2019
Science and Technology Studies at OSU
Eva DaleFeb 16, 2019
Midwest Student Conference: Geometry and Topology meet Data Aalysis and Machine Learning
June 1st - 2nd
Roberto Facundo Memoli TecheraFeb 16, 2019
Computational Linguistics and Language Technology
Michael WhiteFeb 16, 2019
Rachel Emmerson
Just another site
Rachel EmmersonFeb 16, 2019
Madison Turnwald's ePortfolio
Just another site
Madison TurnwaldFeb 16, 2019
MEGA at The Ohio State University
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Graduate Student Association
Logan RileyFeb 16, 2019
Paige Cone's ePortfolio
Just another site
Paige ConeFeb 16, 2019
FEH Proteus Guide
Instructional Guide and Manual
Kevin WittFeb 15, 2019
Quantitative Psychology Program
Department of Psychology
Jolynn PekFeb 15, 2019
Extension in the City
Co-Discovery for Collective Impact
Julie FoxFeb 15, 2019
ENGR 1188 SP19 Group C
Just another site
Yue SunFeb 15, 2019
Clothes Lines
Blog of the Historic Costume & Textiles Collection
Gayle StregeFeb 15, 2019
Fisher BSBA Resources
Resources for the BSBA program
Elliot BendolyFeb 15, 2019
Kevin Galiano
Personal Website
Kevin GalianoFeb 15, 2019
P&C Scott Worldwide
Just another site
Madeline YoungFeb 15, 2019
Ross Tamburro
Associate Educational Technologist - Office of Distance Education and eLearning (ODEE)
Ross TamburroFeb 15, 2019
Marketing Research Brownbags
The latest in brownbag technology.
Joseph GoodmanFeb 15, 2019
Gonzalo Constante
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Gonzalo Constante FloresFeb 15, 2019
Knox County 4-H
Andrea ReesFeb 15, 2019
Paulding County 4-H Clover Connection
The Place for Information from Paulding County 4-H
Michael SchweinsbergFeb 15, 2019
Joselle Carrillo
Just another site
Joselle CarrilloFeb 15, 2019
OSUL Teaching & Learning Blog
For instructional advice, and helpful resources
Zachary WaltonFeb 15, 2019
Watts Scientific (1182 12:40pm)
Just another site
Adam SnivelyFeb 15, 2019
(Research Electronic Data Capture)
Amy DrakeFeb 15, 2019
ENGR 1182 SP19 Baker International Group
Building the AEV of Tomorrow, Today!
Grace OswaldFeb 15, 2019
Enhancing Permanency in Children and Families
Christiana KranichFeb 15, 2019
ENGR 1182 SPRING 2019 Company Dreese Data Systems
We Don't Fix Problems, We Improve Experiences
Anthony HerronFeb 15, 2019
Sobriety, Treatment & Reducing Trauma Program
Christiana KranichFeb 15, 2019
Watts Scientific
Kylen FranzFeb 15, 2019
Professor Doug Schroeder
Accounting & Management Information Systems
Douglas SchroederFeb 15, 2019
OSU MedNet21 - CME Webcasts
On-line CME Webcasts for Physicians
Derrick FreemanFeb 15, 2019
Motivation and Cognitive Science Laboratory
Tina NguyenFeb 15, 2019
Engagement across lines of difference with issues affecting community well-being.
Phoebe PotikerFeb 15, 2019
Growing Athens County
Growing plants and animals in Athens County Ohio
Edward BrownFeb 15, 2019
Fairfield County 4-H
Timely updates about Fairfield County's 4-H program
Leslie CookseyFeb 15, 2019
Kenneth D. Madsen
Associate Professor of Geography
Kenneth MadsenFeb 15, 2019
OSU Sheep Team
Supporting Ohio sheep producers by providing educational information, sheep research conducted at Ohio State, resources, and contact information for leaders in Ohio's sheep industry.
Braden CampbellFeb 15, 2019
Insect and Arthropod Vectored Disease
Just another site
Timothy McDermottFeb 15, 2019
CFAES On Sustainability
Christopher SlagleFeb 15, 2019
Timothy RayFeb 15, 2019
OSU Extension Clermont County
Empowerment through Education
Nanette NealFeb 15, 2019
Migration Studies Working Group
An interdisciplinary group for Migration Studies scholarship
Erik ScaltritiFeb 15, 2019
Neuropsychology Clinical-Translational Research Laboratory
Cady BlockFeb 15, 2019
Erin O'Brien
Just another site
Erin O'BrienFeb 15, 2019
ENGR 1182 Spring '19 Group E
Advanced Energy Vehicle
Tanya BalwaniFeb 15, 2019
Bioinformatics and Mathematical Biosciences Lab
Anjun MaFeb 15, 2019
OSU TOPS Program
Transition Options in Postsecondary Settings for Students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Jessie GreenFeb 15, 2019
OCIO Relationship Management
Managed IT Services
Sarah DawsonFeb 15, 2019
ENGR 1182 Spring 2019 Koffolt Properties
Brittany ShineFeb 15, 2019
The Bullet Boys' AEV Project
Engr 1182.01
John CarboneFeb 15, 2019
ENGR 1182 SP19 Baker International Group
Lindsey ShimodaFeb 15, 2019
Hale Lab
Tackling infectious disease through the microbiome
Vanessa HaleFeb 15, 2019
Hamilton County 4-H
To Make the Best Better
Anthony StaubachFeb 15, 2019
ENGR 1182 Spring 2019 Bevis Devise Inc
Spring 2019
Zachary DelVecchioFeb 15, 2019
The MUNDO Coordinator Resource Guide
Explore your world through service, learning, and leadership
Julius MayoFeb 15, 2019
Fairfield County Master Gardeners
Contributing to the betterment of Fairfield County and the well-being of our citizens by teaching and practicing environmentally-friendly gardening and landscape management techniques
Stanley SmithFeb 15, 2019
Dreese Data Systems
Megan MyersFeb 15, 2019
Bee Lab
Education, research and outreach related to honey bees, wild bees and other pollinators
Denise EllsworthFeb 15, 2019
Venere Lab
Radiation Oncology
Miranda MontgomeryFeb 15, 2019
ENGR 1182 Spring 2019 Bevis Devise Inc.
Sydney AllemeierFeb 15, 2019
Prof. Annika Peter's OSU Internet Home
identifying dark matter physics with astronomy
Annika PeterFeb 15, 2019
Just another site
Emilie BarlebenFeb 15, 2019
Alan Wu's ePortfolio
Just another site
Alan WuFeb 15, 2019
Knox County Agricultural News
OSU Extension
Sabrina SchirtzingerFeb 15, 2019
Baker International Group
Sponsored by FE II- A,B,E
Payton KramerFeb 15, 2019
Watts Scientific
ENGR 1182 SP19
Nicholas HillFeb 15, 2019
P&C Scott Worldwide
Home of the world's most cutting-edge AEV research
Chen Xi GuoFeb 15, 2019
ENGR 1182 SP19 - Dreese Data Systems
From Here to There
Chase LambertFeb 15, 2019
Alexander Demos
Just another site
Alexander DemosFeb 14, 2019
The Official Website for the Biomedical Engineering Society at Ohio State
Alexandra MangelFeb 14, 2019