Dímelo’s Mission

Ohio’s Latino population is increasing – with Franklin County experiencing the most significant growth during the past decade. While the Census Bureau documents this expanding community using the blanket term “Hispanic,” the word itself accounts for a myriad of identities such as Chicano, Colombian, Cuban, Mexican, Mexican American, and Puerto Rican.

Merely recognizing this population as emergent does not account for the true diversity these individuals bring to their new homes. This growth is not happening in a vacuum; existing communities, families, and job opportunities all play into the expansion of a population.

Furthermore, numbers are unable to account for the way these unique individuals are investing in their surrounding communities, engaging in policy making, pursuing education, organizing cultural events, and promoting activism. Latino involvement in Columbus changes the community. This project highlights the Latino experience in Columbus, looking to the past, present, and future. 


¡Dímelo, Columbus! is a collaboration between Ohio State’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion’s ¿Que Pasa OSU? and WOSU’s Columbus Neighborhoods produced by Leticia Rose Wiggins.

Leticia received her PhD in History from Ohio State where she studied Latina/o activism in the Midwest during the 1970s. While at OSU, she served as a Managing Editor for history site Origins: Current Events in Historical Perspective and Assistant Editor for Frontiers: A Journal of Women StudiesShe’s currently working as an Associate Producer for Columbus Neighborhoods.

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