Prepare for the Workshop

Our workshops are 3 intensive days.  We are providing this information to help prepare as much as you can ahead of time. During the workshop, you’ll script and produce a digital story in a unique community of practice.

Food: Coffee and tea will be provided each morning.  Lunch is also provided.  You may bring additional snacks or beverages or purchase them nearby.


  • 10 GB external hard drive (e.g. thumb drive).  We recommend a USB 3.0 drive which is faster and relatively inexpensive.
  • Videos or images you think you might want to use (you can get print photos scanned at any Digital Union)
  • Headphones (needed on Day 2 & 3)
  • Story concept (but not a full script)



Workstations with iMovie and other software will be provided. A laptop might be helpful but is not required. Optional:  If you want to see or experiment with iMovie in advance, here is a brief iMovie overview:


If you have a good idea of your story, we encourage you to find photos beforehand if possible. You can also gather images on Day 1 & 2. Generally, stories have a mix of 12-20 literal and metaphorical images. If you have print photos, the Digital Union can assist you in scanning and loading them onto your external hard drive. You can go to any of these Digital Union locations

Hagerty 171a
Prior 460a
Stillman 145

(DU Hours are available here)

Caveat: Since your stories will be made available for viewing by the general public, please make sure that you have the right to use the images or they fall under Fair Use (see OSU’s Copyright Resource Center’s site on Fair Use). More information on this and on finding usable assets will be discussed at the workshop.


You do not need to come with a script. We ask that you try to solidify a story concept prior to the workshop, yet our method requires some flexibility. As you learn about our approach, reflect, and receive feedback from our community, you may find that you want to change or revise your original story idea.